Upminster, Essex.

East AngliaEssex

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….not much to say about upminster….. HA im kidding. i got a whole bunch of stuff. Firstly the park is set in the centre of the town…. opposite McDonalds. All the rudies fill up on grease then off to the off licence to booze up then over to the park. They all congrigate at night to its a total nightmare if ya wanna go out. Its just hats, jumpers and “trackies” its CrAZY!! Once they had a firework and they light it and throw it in someones hood. come on. Sorry to sound like an old gran but thats just silly! In the day time its not all bad coz they cant be bothered to throw stuff coz most of them have just woken up at like 4pm. They all go to school….. WAIT…….. they are supposed to go to school but they hang at the park smoking and drinking. Thats why there all a bunch of planks. ya cant really understand what they say coz its just a low hummmm at most times. occasionaly they mutter “Smelly Grungers”. Thats all i got for now ill keep you updated on upminster !! BYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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