United Kingdom!

There has been an epidemic of ****, Townies and other **** arming their defenseless and heroin ridden bodies with weapons.
The English people took it in their stride when, once again the lower class makes one big loud noise to be heard! They do it at least once every decade. People will forget them again and then they will kick up a fuss AGAIN!
Now these so called *****, which are VERY easy to identify carry offensive and potentially life threatening weapons. This is when the joke stopped. This is when reality hit home.
Sentences here in Britain are not strong enough to fear the average person or **** from carrying a weapon. The past two months has saw the highest increase in defense spray being purchased by Britons than ever in the whole history of our consumer habbits.
Once knife crimes used to be related to gang culture. Now inncoent victims are being stabbed at no fault to their own. We know ***** start fights, disputes where there is no place or holding for them. Now they are starting knife crimes.
I have recently seen the latest government advert which is a real CCTV footage of a knife crime. You can see how someone can have so much anger to insert violently a shard of carved metal into the back, chest and heart of a fellow Briton. With the following excuse of, "I was drunk" "He looked at me". These are being held up in court as actual reasons to their crimes. In any other country this would not be an excuse.
Lawless Britain, Lawless Britain and Lawless Britain.

It has not come to the fact that innocent people are dying. Footballers are turning in their jobs as they do not want to be related to gang culture. Do they not see what they are doing? How can someone be so cannabalistic?

Thankfully there are untouched areas in Britain and thankfully the police are doing their best from what little the Labour Government give them. I can assure you that Labour have been the fault of this countries demise for the past 3 years. The average citizen now has less rights that of a British prisoner in a British prison. An average member of the public MUST pay their taxes and all over fees, COUNCIL TAX. A prisoner MUST eat 3 times a day! Must have a warm room in the winter. Must have clean clothes every 4 days. Must have a drink when in need. Must be able to sleep for at least 9 hours a day. A prison is excempt from paying taxes, council tax and any other bills.
OAP’s are too affraid of rising prices they leave their central heating off to refrain from high bill costs. Other familes have to be much more careful on their food bill. All these people are law abiding citizens and they see less law involved in their life that the British Prisoner.

How grim is your Postcode?

I urge you all who agree to all or even just parts of my text. Leave this dangerous place. When you thought you had protection and safety from your police and other government establishments. It has been clear you don’t. You cannot walk down the street in safety, you cannot rely on the police, you cannot rely on your doctor you cannot rely on the taxi man that takes you home. Yes there are good people out there. But with the lack of security in this country and with the slack immigration policy you never know how to interact with people. As we do not require an Average Living Exam on entry to this country. Polish, Afgan do not know the living experience of a Briton before they live here and are culturly shocked and therefore stick in groups and never intergrate which is a huge problem.
State Schools contain high levels of violence and even death to teenagers, this will usually be as bad as it gets in their life if they dont end up taking their lifes. Houses are too expensive. Way of life is too expensive. Our cities are too small. There are KNOWN convicts on the streets. There are KNOWN ILLEGAL members in this country. You have less rights than you did before Labour original came into power. You pay more taxes than ANYWHERE in the world. You have to wait up to 6 months for a life saving opperation HIGHEST WAITING TIME IN EUROPE. Your country has no IDENTITY! You will be mugged and stabbed at any chance people have knowing there will be no justice to prosocute them. THEY WILL WALK THE STREETS FREE within 7 years AFTER YOUR DEATH!

Thank You for reading. Thank You for leaving.

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