UK as a whole (The suburbs of London especially)


The UK

To be honest, ****-towns exist all over the UK. The stereotypes of boys with stripey yellow-grey jumers and massive grey hoodies, and girls with massive gold hoop-earrings and stilettos that are too high for their own good, are seen all over the country. I live in London, and see throughout central London (Oxford St seems to be a “hangout” for them) and especially in the suburbs of London (Hounslow, Staines, Kingston, Hayes, Uxbridge, Croydon, Mitcham etc etc etc countless and countless of names can be mentioned!!) massive groups in shopping malls, intimidating the public with what they call “Being hard innit bruv”. They pick fights with anyone who even glances at them. I personally think that’s cowardly and its obvious to me that if you have to pick physical fights to “win”, then you’re obviously in the wrong if you can’t settle your differences… Here’s a scenario to spell it out to you if you didn’t quite understand that:

“What you lookin at?”
“Not at you specifically, just around.”
“Nah man, you were lookin’ at me innit man…”
“Erm… no…”
“Shut up (BAM!)”

Temper temper!

The UN

The UN published today a list of MEDC countries and listed them in order of the quality of childhood lives within the country. At no surprise, the UK came bottom, thanks to high levels of teenage pregnancies (usually blamed on *****…), high teenage consumption of alcohol – more than any other country (usually blamed on *****…), high teenage consumption of drugs (usually blamed on *****…), high cases of bullying at school (usually blamed on *****…) etc etc. You can look at today’s edition of the Metro for a good overview. Thanks for putting the country in a bad light *****.


In that list, US came second to last. No real surprise there really either. If you really want to avoid *****, sure they’re all over the world, but not as high in frequency as in the UK. I’m sure as a country, every city has them, making here one of the most, and possibly actually the most, ********* country in the world. Go to another part of Europe is all I can advise if you want to avoid them. Probably not Spain though… especially in the summer. That’s like ****-vacation spot.

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