South West

Safe brer
Woolworths, Maccy D’s, free contraceptive clinics, middle class people to rob
**** me sideways, its Twickenham

Indeed, Twickenham is daily set upon by mongrels with 15 kids in tow, looking for a big mac, a fight and a shag.
Famous for its rugby stadium and countless pubs, central Twickenham is wall to wall **** from every weekend evening, as human filth crawls into McDonalds to find some grungers local to the area, and jack them. Many a ‘brer’ gets ‘taxed’ by Kappa clad ******** excrement of our alcoholic society. Meat wagons regularly arrive to apprehend said ‘people’
But do they ever get jailed? Do they ****, they’re mostly minors. A warning, community service, etc. It would seem that this makes no difference, as the amount of ***** one can see never fluctuates, in fact often they are breaking parole to bang up some dirty grunjas/wealthy richkids/innocent bystanders. Lengthy session of jail time and prison shower **** would surely be advisable to put such failures into their place?

To be fair to old Twickers, every rugby night any mucus out and about on the town will get shown the door by burly rugby lads, and there is always a warm feeling that erupts when you see some ugly ***** **** lain on the floor, holding his mangled face. However, many a time these rugby lads get done by the police too, and merely for beating something with a sentience below that of a plant half to death.

Anyhoos, thats Twickenham for you. Visit sometime

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