Tuxford, Notts

East MidlandsNorthamptonshire

Welcome to tuxford the historic market town…
Alot of people will have been through tuxford without ever realising it with the A1 cutting straight through the middle of the village which is a great playground for chavs to play chicken, or run across because they’re too lazy to walk more than 20 paces to the bridge.
The 2 main adverts for tuxford which can be viewed from the A1 must firstly be where the village hall used to stand before some chav went and burnt it down and it stood there for a number of weeks for chavs to play in, or sh*g in which has not been unknown…ash. Although it is thought that chavs burnt down the village hall there have been whispers that it was a parish counciller… mentioning no names, **** ****
There are plenty of places for the youth to hang (or ‘chill’) some of the most popular would be the doctors where young chavettes of around 14 sit and smoke under the camera’s then moan because their parents have found out.
The other great place is ‘up street’ where the older chavs spend their time, ‘up chantry’ which is a back ally next to the church where chavs go to smoke weed and drink beer out of view then stagger round onto the square to fight.
With the local shop serving 15 yr olds then whats the problem?
Another great thing to do for chavs from Tuxford is to go to Retty an go up dogga mush. but really tuxfords a fuckin ace place chav life for L I F E ! ! !

Shout goin out to the Tuxford Massiff from The Notorious F E V

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