South WestWiltshire

well to be honest i dont know where to start really ! the town is an absolute s**t hole.
tossers who are clearly white mixed up thinking they are black ,chavs thinking they are gangsters from compton ,and flat peaks as far as the eye can see.
yup thats a typical sight in trowbridge asda car park.

well i have had first hand experience in dealing with these chavs really.and they are f*****g imbeciles.a certain gang who like to go by the name wlk past these so called tough guys as u pass the local new look where you see a big group of burberry imbreds ,and most likely you will get abuse thrown at you and maybe even a fist fight if there numbers are above 7 .otherwise they will show off for there mates and give you idle threats,ill try and get the slang right ,”you got beef wid the g-unit we’ll merk you off blood,yeah blood me and my brederins homeboys pussy holes”
or some shite,most of that crew are probably inbred or severely brain damaged!
The girls are slags mostly easy underage whores or teenage mothers that hung around a bus stop wich has since been demolished called “THE SLUT HUTT” just dont go there, want to shag a trowbridge girl,take my advise and have a w**k it will be probably a more enjoyable experience and will save you a visit to the g.u.m clinic for stds,theyve got s**t you havnt even heard of ,and if your only defense is a condom ,you dont stand a f*****g chance!
another matter is desperate older chavs who cant get a girlfriend probablyas they live in a s**t hole and live of ten pound a week,going for younger girls,a 18 year old went on my girl friends msn pretending to be her then when i caught him out he said he would steal her from me and if she disagreed his homeboys would beat her black and girlfriend is 14
so is trowbridge a town of scumbag gypsy wannabe pricks?well in a word yes!

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