Tring (Hertfordshire)

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Tring, a lovely little town in the 3 county boarders of BEDS, HEARTS and BUCKS, well it was untill the creation on kappa track pants that had poppers on the legs. from the moment that was created and JJB got their stock in it was all down hill. the old market town is a nest for those of a **** disposition. such excellent hangs as The Bell, Tesco’s and of course the bus stop in the centre of town make it an awful place to be.

the epicentre of ***** in tring was once believed to be the lovely silk mill area. it has a perfect **** spot where you find a shop that sells the ***** ethanol and other ****** alcohol, a chip/ chinese take away and the community centre, no doubt several children have been concived if not even born round the back of that **** hole.

in the last few years the ***** seem to be making their way out of silk mill and into the nicer ( use that term losely) regions of this town. hopefully the grove estate will never be fully taken over but by the time i left in april 2003 the latter end of mortimer hill was becoming chaved, sorry to my freinds of Harcourt road, some of still manage to stave off the urge to go **** or sell to the scummers. i hear Lynn still fights for the cause, i think she is really a man by the way.

How grim is your Postcode?

on the other side of town, the older more traditional side the **** population has been growing slowly for years but saw a huge influxation of them in the early 2000’s, where they came from no-body knows but what we do know is that those burburrey laa’s are sadly here to stay.

Tesco’s is a late night breeding ground for *****, where they can hang out by the trolley bay or try to cop a little fiddle of their underdeveloped rodent brained *********. bottles of Amorino 20/20 and old faithfull white lightning are strewn arcoss the place, horrible little ******* the lot of them.

the elder or ******* imbreed big cxhavs hang out at the bell. a pub that should have been blown up years ago, along with all it occupants , the woolwhich and brown and merry may suffer, but hey its worth the chance of getting rid of the **** ridden pub. if budgens hasnt closed by now it needs to. it was a ******* joke, the only good thing budgens produced in that town was the sales booklet that came every so often that enabled some **** clans to use it as toilet paper, instead of the usual trip to the market car park toilets to have a shower **** and shave (thats the ********* too)

the choice of the **** car is the familiar sight of a nova or its family member the corsa plus their mate a banged out old fiesta, (NUD need not feel shame for this bit by the way)
a certain person who looked like an orange was one of the first people to have the baked bean can exhuast on their car, name on a post card please!

Mums of 16 with usually two or three little **** sprogs can be seen loitering around tring do nothing but making the place look untidy, well its true. for those ********* and awaiting jailment ***** trings school of not much knowledge get kids of thickness ready for the mundane life of scanning food at the check out counter of tesco, the more unfortunate have to go to Budgens, poor bastards

In conclusion tring is a ******* **** hole, i for one am glad i left that ugly **** ******** town behind and for all i care those of a **** nature can all rot in hell, hopefully before they try to nick your wallet or break into your home.
**** TRING apart from my mates there, none of whom are *****, but i do urge you to move out ……NOW

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