Toxteth, Liverpool

MerseysideNorth West

Drive through the center iof town and you come to this god forsaken place, that is so irish descendant biased, i cant tell you how dragged up this place is, they even had a thing here called the Toxteth Riots were every man and his dog were thinking the police were picking on them, above all else it is ****** loads of gangs of thugs, saying “Ill do ya ya ******* ****”, or for those whio are heavily adicted on drugs “dont you ******* start on me lad”, and im like i never startyed on you bellend.

Once , when i worked in the leather goods company i woorked with a woman who lives in toxteth and waht a cheap tart she was, she had about seven differnt fellas, half her kids where Irish, half of them Indian, the others were scousers and the one she had recently didnt know who he could call dad, as the same seven fellas were contesting this, what an existance, and what a loud mouth she had, we had to call our workplace “the cuckoo clock of doom” the amount of times she either insulted someone, sceramed at the boss, or talked about how poor her wages were

i watched a show on tv oncecalled the secret millionaire, and i dont know how people live, no job opportunities, every second of the day somebody either gets shot, gun crime is out of this ******* world its a dangerous hellhole so stay away, families all living in run down two up two downs and like Bootkle down the road everybody seems to think the world owes them a living, they have got a city center a mile up the road with every single ******* shop on the High steet, or in there eyes the shy street as they are too proud to get a job half of them

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Everwhere you look, dog *****, piss stinking allleyways, grafitti all over the walls, the pavements are that uneven a spirit level wopuldnt straighten them out, as for the bars there is more atmosphere on the moon than any of these.

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