DevonSouth West

On a friday night, if you dont look like a ****, you are most certainly an enemy! You will recieve those childish comments, such as ‘wat u looking at?’ or ‘wanna picture’ or ‘god your so lame’. No you stupid *****. your lame! Do they actually know wat they look like? Its so funny,they hang around on the plains,thinking they are some type of army, trying to take over totnes, with there cheap bottles of vodka, and 12 year old girlfriends, fake tatoos, and fake gold chains and soverign rings, i mean wat is that about! They think they are intimidating! and to the old folk wanting a nice quite night out,they are! But u little ***** wanna watch out, cos uve got alot of enemies! We arnt scared of your drunken childish threats, your silly little colony is laughed at by millions! Its pathetic! 1 **** said to me as i waited with my friend, nice leather shirt! how thick! it was a silk shirt! By the time the night is out, you can usually find 3 groups scattered around town, all throwing up, b’cos theyve drank a few shots of vod too may, still thinking they are well ard! Well your not, and never will be! Wat would their mothers say!

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