Torquay! a small town where all the c***s know each other!

DevonSouth West

welcome to torquay, a nice small town infact one of englands top bay resorts. A nice place to visit for old people on holidays who might latter decide to move here to die! Yet in small towns it just so happens that most people know each other and this is a BIG problem wen it comes to c***s as this offers them the chance to “hang” in very large groups that can even amount in to the fifties or sixties on a friday! The c***s down ere are wanna be gangstas that idolise such rapstars as 50 pence, you will see these “WIGGAS” wearing large amounts of bling and walking like they have a limp in their left leg and a paralysed right arm, though quite amusing it also helps to spot danger from a mile off! there are other breeds of c**v one of which being the most common to invade small towns, the ones that buy all there clothing from jjb (thats if you can count buying as stealing) and also wear alot of bling round there necks but to their dismay the majority of it is plastic and have an attitude like a bulls a**e after you put a phone in it! these c***s come as young as 6 or 7 and as old as 25 to 30 and believe they have the god given right to decide wether people should live or not! If you want to have an exciting night you might want to venture into one of the many parks in chelston and go night spotting, but be carefull cus if they spot you YOU will have about 20 people beating you up with assorted weapons or if there having a good night you might even get stabbed. weapons commonly used by c***s in torquay are often simple stolen objects, here is a list of a few:

Glass hammer(stollen from a bus in the depot)
Normal hammer
baseball bat
Plank of wood(may have a custom nail attached)
metal bar.

i have encounterd these weapons many times before and have been subjected to them time and time again, i have been in hospital with minor concusion 17 times, accute concusion 6 times, chiped jaw, fractured wrist, 4 broken ribs and large lacerations from dangorous weapons but i have also put many c***s in hospital wen there alone and not with 15 other lads. (not so scary on your own eh) In torquay there are many hotspots for townies such as harbour, bottom of town, st mary church, plainmore and litrally every where else. So if your thinking of coming to torquay on holiday dont your better off where you are

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