Oh wonderful Torbay with its oppresive culture of under-achievement. Paignton town centre is the place to be not only do you have the local ***** but a selection of cosmopolitan townies from all over the country. Many come from other benefit claiming authorities duresdiction to be passed the buck on Torbay from mostly it seems the North of England, a selection of north-**** towns and the rank Scottish suburbs. These ***** on a kind of permanent benefit holiday it seems, can be found lounging about making Paignton jobcentre a depressing place any day of the week sapping your enthusiasm to ever want to use their facilities, looking at you with severe disdain and shouting at the local claimant call centre through the mouth piece of a telephone point. Places like Bath or Winchester get the people who like to live and learn and get involved in the culture of these cities; Torbay or as it is so affectionately named with plaigurism The English Riviera, seems to be a backwater for all the other tourists left who contribute to the already vomitous binge drinking culture which spawns mindless violence. But hey you can’t always blame the drink; it takes a motive for violence in the first place to instigate it. A friend from the towny school of Paignton College (PCC) in sixth form, who is now practising his education by working in a pub, tells me in his outward looking attitude that he plans to move to London. I already have visions of a **** Whittington like dream of running away to London – the place where the streets are paved with gold. Already it seems the youngest do make a quick get away – as the place is so depressing and not only engineers a sense of going nowhere but backwards.

I believe alcohol should only be handed out to those with sufficient income, education and of course non-**** status. Hows that for a policy.

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