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Ere yer conts anat. Torpoint is the most fockin mentoe part of Plimuff there is anat. Apart from it isn’t actually in Plimuff.

Torpoint has the highest rate of teenage pregancy in the UK, a naval base (focksaplenty for the bords anat, innit?) otherwise the genepool is pretty much stagnant, some of the ****** locals have started growing tusks and other symptoms of genetic pathogenic behaviour.

Torpoint is across the river from Plimuff, and is a stagnant backwater for Plimuff boys to be at their violent **** swaggering best, taking on the local Buyz for a “Smackinthamowf”. In short it is a pit of a hillbilly stagnant backwater who’s only agitation comes from the base level of Plymouths sub dross from the armpit of Plymouths underclass as well as the Blimbo-Blambo, IQ deprived monkeys who are bound to the non fitting description of sailors. These idiots are the lowest dross to come out of the UK’s service and coupled with the stagnant genepool, breed some of the most hideous, tusk ridden cave bears from hell.

There are no fit birds in Torpoint as they just start maturing at the early age of 9, get in to Club 12-15 aka The Harbour Lights, get Fokked by a local “Buhy” or a “Fokkinsailoranat” and then turn into fat bloated, dole bludging benefit ********* who all look about 60. Torpoint is such a hopeless pit, if you are a handsome young man, many give up hope and turn to the darkside (Liskeard public toilets) or **** themselves. Torpoint has a miniscule highstreet of irrelevant shops and is dominated by a string of semi-gangster pubs and the major show run by a local Fonzie/Freemason The “FockinWheelersbuhy” and “The fockinlightsanat” this is where you go to grab a carcass and “getfokked” and when you have achieved that you might “Fokkingettafokannat” perhaps having a child or 2 in the process. The women are **** as a whole and it really is a prime example of how Darwin predicted that sexual selection by the underclass could be realised in the digression of the human race into a form of monkey. The difference is that most monkeys would fill in their benefit/CSA forms quicker. There are a few dodgy hard crime figures which keep the crime levels in check, you can’t leave anything anywhere, otherwise some skutter will nick it. Torpoint is a pit and possibly the only place in the UK a nuclear holocaust could actually improve.

Torpoint is such a poor backwater, none of the boy racers actually have cars, instead they just get the bus everywhere, to their jobs in Plimuff so that they can go down the Fokkinlightsanat and get fokked.

Words cannot describe the shame I feel to live so close to Torpoint, the waste of fine females to the drudgery and welly inducing pregnancy which is so typical. It is a black hole whose gravitational field is so strong none can leave. Every year, the genepool gets smaller and new mutations from recessive genes are seen. Torpoint is the only place in the uk where one person can have 3 hare lips. Just imagine a town filled with the most horribly clad, stinking of ****, fat mutton dressed as lamb, pus oozing genetalia and a gurn of which only a person with an IQ of 20 can pull off. “Ere mehht, you got a fokkin light anat?” and where you are likely to get your head stoved in my stereotypical ****-gibbons pack hunting for these dreadful sperm receptacles.

Torpoint is not Fokkinmentoe, it is a dump and should be nuked and it’s women sterilised.

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