Toronto, Canadian *********!

Outside the UK

Is nowhere immune from these filthy scrubbers I hear you cry? Not Canada’s largest city that’s for sure! While not yet as pervasive or as hostile as in the UK, Toronto’s ********’s are none the less a highly visable component of Canada’s cultural mosaic. Like their old world counterparts, Canadian ********* posess a similarly bad taste in clothes, cheap bling, gormless expression and invariably a hoard of multicoloured offspring. All of Toronto’s many public housing complexes are fertile territory for these human sprinkler systems, however they’re especially numerous in dreary suburbs such as Scarborough and Parkdale. The no-frills supermarket on Gerrard St East is also a regular Aliens nest for the Canadian Vicky Pollard. Here she can often be witnessed ‘hollering’ in a faux Jamaican accent at Blare, Blaine and Shazarnia.

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