Top 50 Worst Places to live in England 2021

2. Huddersfield

We admit it, we love an underdog. We are always rooting for ‘The Hudd’ at iLiveHere towers. Several times the jewel in the ‘Cleckhuddersfax’ crown took the lead in the voting. However it was not to be, with Huddersfield taking the silver medal again this year. What more is there to say about a town that lists one of its top attractions as a hill? Here’s what our contributors had to say:

There’s nothing but pound shops and a few coffee shops. It’s polluted, unclean and full of idiots. It’s a horrible place to live.
Not all of Huddersfield is bad… just 70% of it.
To those considering migrating to Huddersfield, first consider the minimum qualifying requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of three kids, of which at least one must be 50% genetically unrelated to the other two. (Preferably diagnosed with ADHD)
  • Must have a BMI greater than 30
  • Have teeth like a burnt-out fusebox
  • Must agree to dump a shopping trolley and/or a mattress in your sh#t tip of a garden

Huddersfield should be avoided by all those who desire to keep their wallets, mobile phones and most of all their sense of smell
If you like your car windows, teeth, kneecaps etc. then avoid this sh#thole like you would a man with leprosy! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!