Top 50 Worst Places to live in England 2021

3. Liverpool

Taking the bronze position for 2021 it’s the self-pity city itself, Liverpool. For the first few weeks of voting it looked like the magnificent crapital of Merseyside would romp home as a landslide winner, but it was not to be. Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, there’s always 2022! Here’s what our contributors had to say:

Seriously, the girls here are so unbelievably orange that even the thickest of sunglasses will be rendered useless. It literally peels the retinas from your eyeballs.
Situated on the border of Northern England and Wales, it draws the very worst characteristics of both regions, i.e Welsh pig-headedness and Northern self righteousness, a truly toxic stew of humanity.
If you can get past the accent and the copious amounts of phlegm that fly around every time the locals say a word with the letters ‘c’ or ‘k’ in them you have passed the first test. Don’t ever engage in conversation with a scouser about crockery or Krakow in Poland or you will surely be drenched.
I can’t put into words just how miserable growing up in this horrid place has been. The people attempt to grind you and your individuality down because they fear people with more than single digit IQs and who dress in clothes other than the latest black track suit.