Top 50 Worst Places to live in England 2021

7. Luton

2021 marks the return of Bedfordshire’s very own **** in the punch bowl, Luton. A town that spawned such world class denizens as Tommy Robinson and Britain’s ‘most dangerous prisoner’ Charles Bronson. Here’s what our contributors had to say:

A friend of mine used to work in ASDA and on many occasions she saw young [email protected] nicking pregnancy tests, popping into the store toilets then coming out about ten minutes later looking a) very relieved or b) saying “I’m going to the Lodge* tomorrow’. (*Lodge- place to get sorted for pregnancy, STIs, STDs etc.)
Marsh Farm is a genuinely scary place. Never walk past the high rise flats alone at night. You might find yourself being pissed on by a couple of ‘jokas’ tryin to out-piss each other from the roof of the flats.
The town itself is not easy on the eye, it makes Slough comparable to the playboy tax exile haven of Monaco
One of the most shocking moments of my year stay in Luton was on Christmas day. I went with my friend in his car to pick up some relatives. Only for my friend to point out the local McDonald’s. Explaining to me that it gets busier every year.