Top 10 worst places to live in #Wales 2017

Twelve years ago, we started compiling a Top 10 worst place to live in England. We have often been told that we’ve neglected Wales like a ginger haired step child, well no more. Thousands of you voted in our poll and from that, we have compiled a Top 10 of Welsh towns avoid like a particularly dense and looming dog turd on a pavement. So for 2017 here’s our definitive rundown for Cymru.

10. Aberdare

Aberdare, the place where you can allgedly still find Curly perms, mullets and the obligatory cut off denim over a leather jacket is still seen as the height or maybe the pinnacle of fashion. Here’s what our readers have to say about AberSCare:

Everywhere you go you are surrounded by mountains, which gives you the feeling once you enter you will never leave.
Well, what can i say? It seems the sun NEVER shines in Aberdare.

  • Lytham St Annes

    Back in the 1970s I remember Port Talbot for the pollution spilling out from the steelworks and every Saturday when they used to clean the works if the climatic conditions were right there would be a smog and smell over the town and this was visible from North Cornelly where I lived. If you got too near to Port Talbot you would know because of the smell.
    Because of this I made up an appropriate acronym for Port Talbot : Pollution Of Real Threat To All Living Beings Out There.
    It may be a deprived town but whenever I visit the place I find people mostly friendly and enjoy reminiscing. There is a lot of nice country nearby such as Brombil Mountain and the Alan Valley so it is a lovely place from the natural side even if not from the industrious side.

  • Awol

    No Bridgend……. Really?

  • Nick Sigallias

    wrexham has nice people but is a dump i go up once a year and its seems a dead town. most people over forty are in tracksuits or liverpool tee shirts and drive mobility scooters, the beers sh*t the pubs are dead , its a poor town.

  • P Bushell

    Rhyls regeneration is coming on nicely, it’s a lovely place to come and visit, or live, there are druggie s in every town in Britain so stop dissing it and come see for yourselves.

  • Tony Hepton

    Written from a desk somewhere – obviously never visited the place where I I’ve

  • Benny Lane

    I live in newport, its been refurbished so to speak. Whoever made this is clearly bias against south wales, BUT SINCE WHEN HAS SOMEONE CALLING YOU “BRAH” WORSE THEN SH*T COATED STREETS AND BEACHES? lol

  • Lewis Cain

    You got Rhyl to a tee.

  • Morgan G

    Rhyl isn’t that bad. I live there I should know. I haven’t seen 1 rat in my life.

  • Gail Metcalfe

    Your author and researchers clearly haven’t visited Rhyl for more than a decade, if at all, or indeed bothered to check any facts; the giveaway here is your reference to “the derelict …prom” – it’s recently undergone a transformation, as has a large proportion of that part of town. The references to junkies and murderers are lifted from 30-year-old fact-free articles, and are less true now than they were then. I hope one day you start to strive for something resembling praiseworthy journalism, rather than this rehashed twaddle.

  • disqus_CxHbuFSnJU

    Barry is a great place

  • Ros Davis

    I wouldn’t share this. Yes all of these places desperately need investment and the creation of well-paid decent jobs. In the end though people make places and many of these places still have strong, active communities that look after each other. Some of the comments on here are really vile and are an attack on working class people.

  • Barry Stevens

    No Carnarvon or Aberystwyth in the top ten? But Swansea? What a load of bollox

    • It’s a blatant rip-off of a joke post from about 5 years ago, only this one is devoid of any humour.

    • Nick Sigallias

      swansea is a sh*thole mate be fair have a look at it.