Top 10 worst places to live in #Wales 2017

Twelve years ago, we started compiling a Top 10 worst place to live in England. We have often been told that we’ve neglected Wales like a ginger haired step child, well no more. Thousands of you voted in our poll and from that, we have compiled a Top 10 of Welsh towns avoid like a particularly dense and looming dog **** on a pavement. So for 2017 here’s our definitive rundown for Cymru.

10. Aberdare

Aberdare, the place where you can allgedly still find Curly perms, mullets and the obligatory cut off denim over a leather jacket is still seen as the height or maybe the pinnacle of fashion. Here’s what our readers have to say about AberSCare:

Everywhere you go you are surrounded by mountains, which gives you the feeling once you enter you will never leave.
Well, what can i say? It seems the sun NEVER shines in Aberdare.

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