Top 10 worst places to live in #Scotland 2017

We have been compiling the top 10 worst places to live in England for more than a decade and now we have finally, finally, got around to doing bonny Scotland. Thousands of readers have voted for their least salubrious dump north of Hadrian’s Wall.  Offending local councillors, dignitaries and meddlesome ratbags plus ruining the trade of slime ball lying estate agents, makes our day as they do their level best to polish a **** of a town. So for 2017 we present our definitive Top 10 of the worst god-awful hell holes in Scotland, enjoy!

10. Coatbridge

Just 10 miles east of Glasgow city centre is our first town on our list of shame, Coatbridge. A town where you are likely to be accosted by one of the local junkies saying “awrite pal gonnae tap 50p tae a git a bottle” when they just want smack. Here’s what our contributors have to say:

A ****** little town in Scotland run by ****. It’s a nightmare. You see them everywhere swaggering and grunting at each other in their version of english with all the slang. A bottle of cider firmly gripped in one hand, a cigarette in the other.
Many a time you can walk down a street and be sure something will be burning, a house, a car, a child’s bike…

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