Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2018

Now in its twelfth glorious year, we present the Worst places to live in England 2018. After 31,191 readers voting for their least salubrious dump in this septic isle, we have a new king of sh*t tips. Is it your town?

With several Top 10 perennials falling out of the charts, it’s all change this year with a first for us, a town sharing joint ninth position. Anyway enough waffle, let’s get down to business of offending local councillors, dignitaries and meddlesome ratbags plus ruining the trade of slime ball lying estate agents. It makes our day when they react to the new Top 10, desperately trying to polish a turd of a town. So here goes, our definitive Top 10 of the worst god-awful hell holes in England 2018, enjoy!

10. Dover

Dropping from last year’s No.1 and cherry on top of the s**t town cup cake, is Dover. If you have never been there, the name of the town probably conjures up images of the iconic white cliffs. The reality is, Dover is one of the biggest dumps in the South East. Don’t take out word for it though, this is what one our contributors had to say:

If you’re leaving the country and you feel safer in CALAIS (of all places), there’s something to be said about Dover!
All in all no-one wants to live here, but it’s the cheapest sh*thole in Kent, it’s unloved and unwanted which is why I believe the German Air Force should have done their jobs properly and levelled the place back in the 1940’s and maybe it wouldn’t look like the scrotum of Quasimodo that it does now.
Let us for a moment imagine that the British Isles are the silhouette of an old man. Scotland is his cap, Cornwall his toes, Anglia his curved spine, making Dover his herpes infested sh*t-hole.

569 Responses to “Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2018”

  1. mick burke

    Steve. I’m just telling the way it is. Sorry if it hurts your patriotic feelings. But, hey, who gives a monkeys! Also there’s no hate on my part! But on your part there looks like a lot of hate. At the end of the day, the, truth is the truth! I’m sorry you are offended by the truth.

  2. Mr Bobbins

    It would never make it on to any of these “worst places to live” lists, but honestly, I wouldn’t live anywhere in London if you paid me and gave me the house for free.

  3. Mr Bobbins

    Was born and bred in the place and left 2 years ago. Personally couldn’t get out of the place quick enough myself, but whatever floats your boat I guess.