Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2017

We have been compiling the top 10 worst places to live in England for more than a decade. Thousands of readers have voted for their least salubrious dump in this septic isle.  Offending local councillors, dignitaries and meddlesome ratbags plus ruining the trade of slime ball lying estate agents, makes our day as they do their level best to polish a turd of a town.  There were some upsets this year and a new entry rocketing into the charts at number 1, that is sure to cause some outrage in their respective local rags.  So for 2017 we present our definitive Top 10 of the worst god-awful hell holes in England, enjoy!

10. Blackpool

Dropping down from number 4 is the entertainment capital of the North. Once famed for its golden mile, Blackpool now conjures up images of drunken stags and hens, falling over in the street and spewing on themselves, before retiring to a grotty seaside B&B. Here’s what our readers have to say:

You may think it’s a jolly seaside resort with candy floss and donkeys, it’s a scumbucket for the transients who come here to draw benefits in a holiday resort, instead of an inner city.
Go back a few streets from the prom and you will see the deprivation, the ghettos and the scummy pubs that make up the REAL Blackpool.

  • that guy

    i take it nobodys been to blackburn then

  • Nikki Clayton

    There’s nothing wrong with Hull. It’s not fair to label it as the worst especially when there are festering eyesores such as Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Preston etc..

  • Jackie Wood

    well I’d have thought Syria or Afghanistan would’ve been worse!!! God sake, get things into perspective.

  • rogerjohnson

    It depends how you define “worse”. Take for example Mawdesley in Lancashire, a tiny, hidden, isolated, secluded, hideously inbred upper class commuter village of snobs in the middle of nowhere. This is not the usual sort of place that comes up on these lists, but it is an awful place all the same.

    Rather like someone smelling their own fart, the old inbred snobby people who live in Mawdesley think its nice. Like a fart it’s only offensive to people from the outside, but no one from the outside ever visits Mawdesley, so a myth is propagated that this isolated, inbred, snob s******e is somehow beautiful.

    Because the anti-social people that live in Mawdesley are old and rich, they aren’t seen in the same way as tracksuit wearing “chavs”, although their disrespectful anti-social behaviour is really just the flip side of the same coin. It doesn’t mean that these people aren’t vile in their own way.

    Mawdesley is an awful place to live because of its isolation, lack of any amenities and the horrendous anti-social snobs that live there. True, it is unlikely you’ll get attacked on the street, but then there aren’t any pavements, or anything at all to walk to! You will however be glared at by Range Rover driving snobs and be treated like a piece of s**t for not being a millionaire.

    If you live in Mawdesley forget a social life. Unless you want to hang out with a few hideously inbred bumpkins and/or late middle aged, Range Rover driving, far right wing, chinless wonder business men in the one and only depressing village pub.

    There is no public transport either, oh yes and no taxis, meaning you are condemned to this hell without even an escape. No one from the outside has even heard of Mawdesley. No one passes through. It is on the road to nowhere. So as far as a social life is concerned, there isn’t one. Oh yes and no local jobs either, meaning a huge and expensive commute to places where there are jobs.

    After a hard week at work, forget going out for a few drinks with friends. You live in Mawdesley remember, miles away from where anyone normal lives, with no public transport, no taxis. You can’t drink anyway, because you live in a place that is only accessible by driving. So you can’t even escape the place temporarily.

    Mawdesley is sort of the complete opposite of the deprived areas yet many of the problems e.g. lack of amenities, isolation, lack of local employment, feeling cut off from the rest of society are the same, just for different reasons.

    All these places in the list are at extremes. Extremes of poverty normally. Mawdesley is also an extreme, but for different reasons. When places develop to extremes they cause people problems. Such things would not happen in a more equal, fairer society.

  • rachael foster

    well I have lived in Hull all my life.. so some might say that I do not know any better. However I love it here, we have struggled since we lost our fishing industry and we have been unable to build ourselves back to how it was. But give us a break, we are getting much better here and the vibe is changing. We have some lovely people here, who perhaps through poverty, stick together and support each other. Neighbours talk to each other and we still take cups to our neighbours house to fill with milk, wash powder etc when we run low. With all social deprivation, yes we have our problems… but help us if this is the case… we are treat like the forgotten city on the road to know where… our livelihood depends upon the water… so bring back industry… give us something to trade… let us fish in the seas again… orrrrr take advantage of our extremely cheap land and build business here. There is a lot of potential, this will not stay like this forever… but thanks for the slander, really helpful

  • Kristof Van Hoeven

    People who crap in their own nest and have no respect for those around them make this country seem like a lost cause. I am referring to what some might label ‘chav’ but what I like to call annoying w**kers.
    And before any pseudo left wing rebels get all bothered by that, I am very much working class and grew up around that nonsense. You think I want to be associated with fat, lazy idiots who shout and scream, litter and play their music loud at all hours? No. And that’s not inverse snobbery either, try living next to that before you start with your social justice warrior nonsense.

  • Putting You Straight

    Oh dear, you deluded person.
    If a place is in a London Borough it is in London, & if it’s in the eastern part of London it’s only natural that people would refer to it as east London.
    A place cannot possibly be in a shire county if it’s in a London Borough.
    Essex is run by Essex County Council. London is run by the London Boroughs, & the Greater London Authority whose head is the Mayor of London.
    Even most chavs know this.

  • Oli

    What is wrong with Barking? I moved to Barking from Lewisham 2 months ago. Barking is fine. Good for commuting and convenient to do all kinds of shoppings. The real rubbish absolutely faceless place to live in London is Rotherhide. It is expensive, very bad accommodation, installations not working, damp and no entertainment whatsoever, not even a decent pub. I escaped from there to Lewisham which is ok, but Barking is cheaper and commuting to work in central London is a bit more convenient and faster using the C2C.

  • Josephine Cecilie Weber Kroman

    I’m from Denmark and I have the opportunity to study at University of Hull…
    How bad is it really? And why is it so bad?

    • Lucy Johnson

      Don’t do it x

  • TrilbyHat

    Take away the British Government State Benefits, meaning the DHSS hand outs, and just about every town in the UK will soon outrank for crime Harlem NY, Soweto South Africa, or Rio De Janerio Brazil. Some on here have mentioned Nottingham and Bradford being dumps, 60 years ago both these town were once beautiful cities with fine history’s. We know the cause for their loss of grace and favour, and we know the answer but nothing will be done. I agree Middlesbrough a dump, but it’s our dump and no one else’s dump. If you sincerely want to study the subject of Slum Towns UK, look at places going downhill fast like Newark, Bristol, Rochdale and Dewsbury.

  • Fabio

    You definitely forgot one of the worst places and that is Burnley. what a s… hole that place is. the main issue is people spitting right in front of you while walking that’s probably because your skin color does not match theirs. the main language spoken their is Arabic and the grand majority of take away are kebab shops. The people working for the council are complete c..ts and the local young people are mostly drug addicts and thieves. I wouldn’t live there even if they would pay me to do so.

  • Simplecrater

    Worse moo slim place Eva

  • Bosun Higgs

    This is the saddest, angriest and most bilious website in the world apart from

  • Michael

    I’m not a “mover” as such but I’ve lived in Tadley (somewhere wedged between Reading and Basingstoke, all three are shitholes), Derby and Castle Bromwich in Birmingham and I must say, most if not all of these places on the list are better than Birmingham and Tadley but not Derby. Derby imo is very underrated.
    My worst 10 places I’ve visited would be:
    1. Castle Bromwich
    2. Salford
    3. Basingstoke
    4. All of London excluding Belgravia, Chelsea etc.
    5. Luton
    6. Tadley, Hampshire
    7. Nottingham
    8. Glasgow
    9. Torbay, Devon
    10. Blackburn

  • busreplacement

    I think Kent in general is hopeless; even the ‘best’ bits are ravaged by a plague of the morbidly obese and terminally stupid. As soon as you step off the filthy trains onto the litter strewn stations, you can sense the stench of abandonment in the air. Culture, art and beauty have no chance of life or survival once tainted by the Kentish curse; the brightest are struck by a cloak of a mind debilitating poison. Architecture and history, preserved in such plots as Maidstone and Rochester, treasured by outsiders are to the denizens mere obstacles on the way to ASDA and Primark, the true Mecca of the built environment.
    Because it is so badly served by trains (there is a reason the line has never electrified) it doesn’t have the through breeze of normality circulating and freshening it up. You’re there, stuck be it Herne Bay, Ramsgate, Margate, Canterbury and, the subject town, Gravesend.
    It chills the blood. The worst county, let alone town, must be Kent.

    • Icon2100

      You’ve missed out Trashford which unbelievably possesses street signs written in French as if anybody travelling on Eurostar from Europe would alight there, other than at gunpoint or if they were a badly informed asylum-seeker.

      Margate and Ramsgate do possess physical beauty and the latter some gorgeous Georgian architecture even though the council has done its best to obliterate it with concrete.


      Broadstaires is the worst place I haved lived and I’m 77.

  • Paula Jigglypuff Atkinson

    If you think Preston is more of a s******e than Blackburn then you need a full frontal lobotomy. Fact.

  • suzypie400

    If you feel depressed and down wherever you are is a dump! When happy, surroundings appear more vibrant!

  • amy

    I am honestly in shock i can not believe that rochdale has not made it on to this list. Especially considering all the bad publicity it has had in recent years.

  • albiontyke

    The Geography is wrong on the map opposite, seemingly the East Midlands has stolen part of the Yorkshire and Humberside region.

  • albiontyke

    Being a middle aged Sales Rep who has travelled to most parts of the country, I can’t agree that Bradford and Hull are anyway near as bad as, Sunderland, Leicester or Wolverhampton who are not even on the list. Also many borough’s in London are missing here, Lewisham & Haringey are prime examples. Both Bradford and Hull are possibly far more diverse than most places, having some horrendous areas of deprivation, but conversely, unlike many cities, large areas are extremely prosperous and very attractive and some of the satellite towns near Bradford rank amongst some of the most affluent in Britain.

    • Lego KingsCastle

      Thank you! Everyone I have ever met from Sunderland is rude and self centred never seen such an ignorant bunch (collectively there are some nice ones too)
      And the entire of Leicestershire and come to think of it Lancashire
      And Kidderminster as its a nightmare to drive through