Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2018

3. Liverpool

We don’t normally leave larger cities on our poll list, but the ‘self-pity city’ had such a strong vote out of the gate we had to, with 500 votes being cast in the first 24 hours. However, despite a sustained viral campaign from its inhabitants… or those from Manchester (we don’t know which), Liverpool has finished in the bronze position. Here’s what our contributors have to say about this Merseyside hole:

Situated on the border of Northern England and Wales, [Liverpool] draws the very worst characteristics of both regions, i.e Welsh pig-headedness and Northern self righteousness.
The rows of empty red brick terraces are now almost a part of Liverpool’s heritage. Fancy that, hundreds of empty houses amidst a housing crisis yet still nobody wants them. Says it all really.
Don’t get me started on their self pitying – just google the dead baby/chicken foetus story. What a bunch of morons!
A word of warning to non-scouse females, fail to go into town with the required levels of fake tan and you will instantly be sniffed out as a fraud. Seriously, the girls here are so unbelievably orange that even the thickest of sunglasses will be rendered useless. It literally peels the retinas from your eyeballs.

569 Responses to “Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2018”

  1. mick burke

    Steve. I’m just telling the way it is. Sorry if it hurts your patriotic feelings. But, hey, who gives a monkeys! Also there’s no hate on my part! But on your part there looks like a lot of hate. At the end of the day, the, truth is the truth! I’m sorry you are offended by the truth.

  2. Mr Bobbins

    It would never make it on to any of these “worst places to live” lists, but honestly, I wouldn’t live anywhere in London if you paid me and gave me the house for free.

  3. Mr Bobbins

    Was born and bred in the place and left 2 years ago. Personally couldn’t get out of the place quick enough myself, but whatever floats your boat I guess.