Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2020

6. Nottingham

Our fourth new entry for 2020 and one that came from out of the blue. Up until the last day of voting, Nottingham was barely scraping into the top 20. However with literally hours to go, a viral share urging people to vote for Nottingham sent it hurtling in at number six. Our contributors were less than impressed with the place:

I was born and raised in what could be described as a tough area in Leeds, but nothing could prepare me for this sh#thole.
Most of the inhabitants are extremely intolerant of anyone coming from outside the area, which is weird when you consider that Nottingham considers itself a modern cosmopolitan city!
The most famous street in Nottingham is Forest Road. A quick trip to Radford will beggar belief. Prostitutes stand at every corner and crevice along this god-forsaken road.
Oh, and by the way, ASBOs do not work here, they are seen as a badge of honour and most of these idiots wear the dubious accolade with pride.