Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2018

8. Accrington

Visit Lancashire describes Accrington as a vibrant town in the heart of Pennine Lancashire. Apparently is has fabulous independent boutiques and a 21st century Arndale Shopping Centre, don’t you know. Well our contributors see it a little differently:

The town isn’t full of bad point’s. There is a Poundland, home bargains, Iceland, Netto and Aldi. Get my drift? This is as good as it gets…
Do not visit this dump, there’s nothing remotley interesting. Never associate with the general raised trash here and if you are a positive person like me, this place can suck the life out of you literally!
There is a big dirty banner down the middle of Broadway (Accrington’s main “shopping” street) which is supposed to be in honour of the Accrington Pals, but it is so dirty and weathered that to now just looks like a grey tarpaulin.

  • Steve Achealo

    of which Liverpool has positive statistics for (don’t know about Birmingham). Maybe do your research before commenting.

  • Mr Bobbins

    It would never make it on to any of these “worst places to live” lists, but honestly, I wouldn’t live anywhere in London if you paid me and gave me the house for free.

  • Mr Bobbins

    Was born and bred in the place and left 2 years ago. Personally couldn’t get out of the place quick enough myself, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

  • MJ-812

    That pic of Rochdale isn’t even right as both those buildings aren’t even there now.

  • slevin

    Britain turned many countries around the world s**t holes I’m glad they getting a dose of there own medicine

    • Steve Achealo

      *their, need to learn some…ENGLISH.

  • Libertarian Voice

    The only reason Accrington is not at the top of this list is because everybody has forgotten about it.

  • Reeni Stephenson

    To tell you the whole truth all of the North is a sh*t hole !!!!!! but England is 😆

    • Steve Achealo

      -_- no it isn’t. So many brainless people here, damn.