Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2018

2. Rotherham

For soft southerners like us at the iLiveHere offices, just the very name Rotherham encapsulates the grim ‘EDL flat roof gak pub’ north and the word no ‘kipper in a comment section’ can resist typing… IN CAPITALS, ad nauseam. That maybe a gross generalisation, but our contributors where just as scathing:

Rotherham, a worthy nomination – think i’ll head off somewhere else and get away from it all – perhaps Hunstanton? on second thoughts – that’s no better is it?
I wish I had a great story about twatting a chav for being cheeky or something but the truth of the matter is, that I put as much distance between me and the population as possible after that first visit.
I stopped going into the town centre. There was no point. I like a pint without violence. I like to sometimes buy stuff that costs £1.99 – or more!
After a year of reading headlines in the Rotherham Advertiser like ‘Chip Pan Fire Guts House’, ‘Body found outside Takeaway’ and ‘Asbo Grandad at it again’ I decided I somehow didn’t fit in and moved away.

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  1. mick burke

    Steve. I’m just telling the way it is. Sorry if it hurts your patriotic feelings. But, hey, who gives a monkeys! Also there’s no hate on my part! But on your part there looks like a lot of hate. At the end of the day, the, truth is the truth! I’m sorry you are offended by the truth.

  2. Mr Bobbins

    It would never make it on to any of these “worst places to live” lists, but honestly, I wouldn’t live anywhere in London if you paid me and gave me the house for free.

  3. Mr Bobbins

    Was born and bred in the place and left 2 years ago. Personally couldn’t get out of the place quick enough myself, but whatever floats your boat I guess.