Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2017

1. Dover

So here we have it, the worst place to live in England 2017. Straight in at number 1 is the Kent port of Dover. Oh, you were expecting a picture of the iconic white cliffs in the sunshine? This is the reality. Thanks to a viral voting campaign on social media, driven by faux outrage in the local rag that it was even on the voting list, Dover just pipped Hull by 16 votes. We have often been accused of ‘bashing the north’. Hopefully a town in the South East being voted the cherry on top of the s**t cake, puts that accusation to rest! Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote this year. Here’s what our readers had to say about Dover:

Let us for a moment imagine that the British Isles are the silhouette of an old man. Scotland is his cap, Cornwall his toes, Anglia his curved spine, making Dover his herpes infested s**t-hole.

  • Libertarian Voice

    The only reason Accrington is not at the top of this list is because everybody has forgotten about it.

  • Reeni Stephenson

    To tell you the whole truth all of the North is a sh*t hole !!!!!! but England is 😆