Living in Toddington, Bedfordshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Bedfordshire

Toddington. Once a place of friendly people who all knew each other and got along. Now a scummy village full of wannabe ‘Lutoners’. They are ‘badmen’ who are very ‘ARD’ and walk the streets of Toddington frightening everyone they pass. The main group of raucus young badmen call themselves the Toddy Riding Squad. They spend most of their time down in the park by the Muga smoking weed in front of 6 year olds, however sometimes find the time to vandalise things such as the local Scout hut and even have been known to venture into surrounding villages to graffiti their clan sign elsewhere.

As a result of all this, Toddington has become a hostile environment where people just stare each other out as they walk past. Also the failing attempts to set up prosperous businesses is incredible. The Angel pub has had countless owners over the last 5 years and multiple other shops and pubs have failed too. Most notably of all being the Bedford Arms which now looks set to bet turned into a plot of land for new houses. In fact it seems the only type of business that can survive in Toddington is the hairdressers despite the fact that there is a total of 5 just for one small village.

However there is a good side to Toddington if you exclude the few scummy areas like Bradford way, The crescent and Luton road. There are two schools with Outstanding ofsted reports and there are lots of very nice people, you just have to know where to look to find them. I just wish that the police would clamp down on the vast number of small crimes in the village as that would massively improve it. And at the end of the day Toddington is my home and has been for the last 14 years and now I have come to love it.

P.S if anyone from the council reads this please can you sort out Zax Snax because it has been having ‘refurbishments’ for about 10 years now and I think we could do with an Italian restaurant to replace it!

  • Simon

    Your reply says more about you than the person you are insulting.

  • Sean Turner

    You clearly don’t know toddington at all, there’s a tiny group of kids that piss about in the park as there is every village, my dad lives on Bradford road and it is not ‘ scummy ‘ as you put it, the village is full of friendly people who are friendly to each other and don’t ‘ stare’ at every one, you are clearly a stuck up snob who doesn’t have any friends in the village you’ve lived in for 14 yrs, and you don’t even have the balls to leave your name, if you hate it so much piss off and live somewhere else