West Midlands

Tiverdale is situated between the Blackheath/Whiteheath/Rowley Regis are and Dudley. The fastest way from Dudley to Oldbury is through Tiverdale. The safest is to cut it out completely however. Tiverdale is just a short bus ride from Blackheath and we will start the tour outside Sandwell Valley Park.

The area around here is dark, aparently the local ****** residents aren’t a fan of street lights.  Makes them easier to see by “the pigs”

While all the police are up in Dudley Bus Station trying to keep the peace Tiverdale is left to rot and rot it does. A short walk up road will lead you to a smouldering car that some of the local ***** have escaped and set fire to after they tire of joy riding.

The most extroadinary thing about Tiverdale is it’s dedication to post code violence. It is remarkable. The average gang member is actually require to have a tattoo of his post code put on his neck. This obviously makes them easy to recognise by the police but the average **** doesn’t think of this.

Pass times in Tiverdale consist of beating up small children, ******* around offlicenses in gangs generally consisting of young teen ***** with a man in his late twenties they hang around with for booze and **** and to help them **** people up.

If you happen to know anything about fighting or martial arts at all you will surely be head hunted by all the gang leaders. They will turn up at your doorstep and beg you to help them **** someone up or fight someone. Offcause they don’t do this right away. They act all nice to your mother and then when you walk round the corner they bring out the baseball bat and tell you the plan.

My advice is to stay as far away from Tiverdale as possible.

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