Tipton, West Midlands

West Midlands

Tipton is a ****-heap, one with no character whatsoever.

The reasons for this? Long ago the town was ******** by a repulsive, violent and immature **** element with no aspirations in life other than to cause suffering. The **** element flock here like ants around jam, whence they proceed to revel in their own **** and despite the fact that outside of their domain (their unkempt scalp), nobody really gives a ****.

Beyond this you have a working class population with a lower-class mindset, one that oddly prides itself on working some of the longest, most anti-social hours in Europe for often pitiful wages. We’re talking about the kind of people who are offended by strange things like cleanliness, shirts and ties.. eating out. You get my drift? Culture isn’t high on the agenda here.

How grim is your Postcode?

Finally you have certain demographics insisting on having lots children, preferably male. With such limited (and expensive) resources, you don’t stand a chance in hell of getting any semblance of normality here. If you so much as get a one-bedroom flat you can consider yourself lucky, that is, until you meet your neighbours. Noise, dirt and voilence is common, not to mention surly attitudes should you notice these things (how bizzare).

The rest of us just get out of this heap as fast as they can – and stay out.

So overall this place has been a dumping ground for society’s problems for years.

Seldom will you ever see Tipton make the headlines but forsomething notorious, or sickening (such as the Tipton Taliban controversy). Folks, this is not England anymore. Not here. The world moves on and Tipton just lays there in its fail, like a dog rolling in its own ****. Avoid this place unless you want to become a **** or an economic slave, it does not welcome decent people and day by day it will claw away at their aspirations like a cancer, the council happily putting a plaster over the wound because well, it keeps people in their place. Dirty, over-crowded, expensive and voilent. About as cultured as a west fart – avoid.

By: Jillco

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