Tilbury, Essex.

East AngliaEssex

Yes this is where it all began, many many years ago!
First pick up a map, find where Tilbury is.
See how it resides in a bend in the river Thames, look how there is one road in and one road out ?!?! This is a local town for local people…
Oh yes! there is only ONE Tilbury.
Next pay a VISIT to the land that bore the original c**v children (records of chavie being in the tilb language go back many decades) as does watiator(radiator) jival (bird/woman) still being used today by the chavscum that frequent the pavement outside spar each and every night.
Maybe pay a visit to the offie where u can witness the jival behind the counter with ” No1BITCH” hanging in large gold signage from each ear. Pure class………visit the pawn shop for year round reductions on all sovs.
Maybe purchase a property(cheapest in Essex) and have your grass trimmed by the free roaming horses .
To become real Tilburychav breeding stock you must have authentic parentage ie, dockers daughter / didycoys son or any mix of.
They say a true cockney is born within the sound of the Bow bells……………
A true Tilburychav is concieved within the sound of the go-kart track, Dunlop Road…………….
See you there!!!!!

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