DerbyshireEast Midlands

There are few places that I have visited in my life that I would describe as hell however 1 place sticks out in my mind as the most sickening place I have ever had the displeasure to visit. Its name is Tideswell. I estimate that the average IQ of the inhabitants of “the toilet of the peak district” to be around 20 and this is heavily improved by some of the few civil people who dare to try and coexist with the locals. Although I describe it as “the toilet of the peak district” it saddens me that I can not merely pull a chain and flush the current residents of this town down to the sewers with the other ***** where they belong. It also sickens me to see that the younger generations coming up to this school have had their minds ******** with the anti-social dribble that they follow like an unholy bible. I am thankful that finally 1 group of brave individuals has managed to break free from the grip of the **** culture that has covered this town. I’m sure that in time these tidswellians as they are called will close them selves off from the civilised world and I think that I speak on behalf of everyone that we will be glad to see the back of them. I only hope we can save the few poor souls traped in the hell hole that is Tideswell before it is to late and the inbeading begines, well continues but to a larger scale. ps the guy are sso hard here that their idea of a drive by is throwin coppers at you

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