thurmoooooo there breeding fast

THURMO the only place to shop for a decent ***** these dayzz…well what can i say….u cant have a decent bite to eat at mc donalds without being surrounded by a ***** n telling you how gd u look or "can i hava chip love" and abusing fellow snackers by calling them god ziller…the ***** then went on to abuse a member of staff by asking him "have u ever been to a ******* hairdressers!g
if there not in mc donalds there outside avin a ciggie, and abusing you through the window…..the mc donalds staff shouldnt be asking u if u "want frys with that" but "if you want **** with that"  there every where u ******* look…and what the **** is this "boy better know " ****….ure not hard u fucked up weirdo’s!!!

now we come to the "bad boy racerz" they cant even drive….comin up in there ****** polo’s with there ******* platis gal friends……n then its a drive round the watermead..where they cheat the system by not paying..moving on to a "who can do the best donut innit" followed by a spliff!!

i genuinly fee sorry for the normal thurmo lot…but im afraif the gippos have landed!!!!! every where u ******* look theres an eight year old lad on a barbie bike..shouting" you have a rusty fanny" and if thats not bad bad enuff there even cutting the quus in asda now! they have betrayed aldi!!!

How grim is your Postcode?

and leicesters not any better….u cant walk through town on a friday nigth without being smacked on the **** by a 5 yeah old gippo on a girlz bike (obviously nicked)

AND….there even spreading into syston now!!!!! what the hells a matter with them? thurmo not big enuff for them!! GO BACK TO YA CARAVAN and go get ure sister pregnant AGAIN!!  and maybe claim a bit of money of the social!!

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