Thorpe Park-wwhhyyyyyyyyy

Ten years ago when i first stepped through Thorpe Park’s gates it was a friendly, ****-free zone. Now there are ***** as far as the eye can see. As soon as you get out of your car your blinded by the bright shades of white kappa shellsuits and gold blingbling accessories. Citroen Saxos fill the car park, with ***** kitted out in the ooo so popular von dutch label outfits which of course are not complete without a burberry hat with a bling style chain. After kindly sharing with the world their latest trance album they obviosuly feel the need to congregate in gangs outside the toilets, tormenting passers by.
There are of course the conventional **** families. The scrawny dad accompanied by his rather plumpish ******** wife. Together they take little Charmaine and Dane around the park until they retire to Maccy Ds letting the kids throw fries at anyone near them.
While queuing for the rides, your likely to overhear the ***** trying to communuicate. Stories of how a **** and his mates managed to **** up an old man or some ********* having a ***** about Candice’s baby.
Overall an amusing place and worth a visit to see ***** in their natural environment.

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