help!!!! i live in a place near doncaster called thorne, and its been invaded by *****, *********, pikies, u name it we’ve got it! thorne (forn) is swamped by ***** just randomly walking about looking for trouble u cant make eye contact with them because if they see u looking all u’ll get is “wat u lukin at ****** ****** al ****** deck ya, ya ****”. and wateva you do dont go down finkle street at night, its one of there favourite hang outs, also in there top ten is the park, and north fields (norfields). but thorne isnt half as bad as moorends i think the almost the whole population of moorends are *****, and because its touching thorne its easy for them to group. the worst time to be out is mischeivous night, because gangs of at least 30 go around with bricks wherever the can carry them, throwing them at anything that moves or looks like it could break.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020