The Wirral (Birkenhead)

The Wirral, to what all scousers believe is a pleasant and green land over the river mersey, away from all the **** of the universe! well think again! Unfortunately, i happen to live on the wirral, but i live in one of the ‘nicer’ parts, a small village with parks etc and nice semi-detached houses which are all privately owned i might add. In the last few months though, i have noticed more and more of those annoying little **** ***** invading the area and gathering in our parks and the local golf course getting pissed, getting stoned and just generally making the place look bad. The reason behind this is that the police are now swarming all the council estates on the wirral, so these little ***** can’t do anything there. so what do they do, they come and make our lives a misery, and are gradually sending our area down the shitpan. I think what should happen is that a 20foot electric fence is put round the entire perimeter of all council estates, and as long as they’ve got a McDonalds and a sports shop on every corner, they’ll all be ok in there!

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