The Willows (In Grimsby)

North East

My GF lives in a place called Wybers Wood which is in Grimsby. And before I got a car I used to have to catch the bus from Grimsby Town centre to the edge of the town where Wybers was based. upon this journey you can pass this really nice place called the Willows.

Straight away you can get to see some real nice slums, some burnt out grass near a railway line where local Kev’s and Shav’s light there caveman type fire and some real nice houses that look like a gang of homeless people have just invaded.

One of the highlights of the Willows is a little 1960’s designed sqaure where you can see such great shops as a ladbrokes and knights chemist that I have been told is open 24/7 to meet the demand of its customers asking for the morning after pill. Also around this is a drinking hole. Once when I was on the bus with my GF I sujested that we go for a drink in there as I was wondering what it was like. I got a firm response from most of the other people on the bus who just laughed at me.

But the central point of **** society in the Willows is the Grimsby Auditorium. I’m quite sure that when this was built the makers thought they were creating something for the people, then it got swarmed by *****. This building is home to a driving range where ***** can purchase their stupid golfing clothes, an ice rink where they can meet up and have gang fights and then last but not least the thearte, where such great acts as Jim Davidson and the chuckle brothers have been on. But there is one final place where ***** like all in the whole of the Willows and thats the car park for the Auditorium. To them it is the is like what the Coliseum was to the Romans. A place where epic gang battles have been fought, where blood was spilt and where only the honour of wearing your basecap is allowed to be pointing the highest.

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