The Whole World??

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but the whole **** situation is not just a local thing ITS GONE NATIONAL!!! Just give it a while and they could go coporate and become a global organisation!!
I mean, seriously, did anyone see the American elections?
Interviewing the american versions of ****– Rednecks–
“So why did you vote for Bush?”
“Cos my daddy tole me too, and he got nice shoes”
I live in Plymouth, ****’s holiday destination generally is the South West. Believe me, it is dire. [email protected]’s driving around in Kevved up cars. We got ***** walking like they are related to gorrillas and with girlfriends with faces like a smacked **** and hair so tightly pulled up into a pineapple that your not too sure if they’ve had surgery. Jesus, no wonder rednecks are like they are they sailed from Plymouth and probably were taught all they needed to in the ********** classes they went to before they left!
Prime spots for the older **** has to be the Barbican to get ratted, and of course the Hoe to drive their cars round and round and round. Oh, and of course Royal Parade to practise the most senior art of speeding before the old bill catches up.
For the younger of the bunch, generally they hang around Central Park scaring the **** out of old ladies walking their dogs and trying to mug people, laugh? They didn’t when I asked them if they were planning on feasting on their testicles during Christmas!
Before moving to Plymouth I had the most unfortunate pleasure of living in a small town called Saltash. And if the Swilly lot (from Plymouth) were not happy enough to have their own area, they decided to invade Cornwall!!
Most ****’s living in Saltash are not as, and I really don’t think this is the right word, Stylish as those from Plymouth. Mostly due to the fact that they tend to not be as well off, probably as they are ALL ****** and in a town of ten thousandish, (could be more, could be less), it can be quite difficult to book the only brain cell for five minutes! so they haven’t got a clue when it comes to the noble art of trying to con the benefits agency. Not many ****’s in Saltash have cars for this reason but it does not stop them trying to run you over by literally running you over. When I first moved to Saltash,(I blame the parents), it honestly felt like I was in Deliverance. I was called the new girl at school for 3 years, as I said it was hard for them to get the brain cell, by the time they rented it and gave it back they probably forgot who I was. The ****’s hang round parks, street corners, anywhere and think that they are good graffiti artists. I am not too sure if “Suzi is a ******* and if you want a ******** call this number…. counts as art. Perhaps Tracey Emin would be interested. And they all Piss Me Off!
If you have never been to Saltash, my advice is do not bother, just drive through the tunnel to go on holiday to Cornwall. Don’t stop and never look back!

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