The sickness of Sheffield

North EastYorkshire

Sheffield, a proud industrial city, the place to come if you want the best in steel…maybe an intro which would have worked just thirty years ago. Now, a more appropriate intro would be more like,

Sheffield, the place to come if you want your head kicking in by gangs of burberry clad, kitchen knive wielding shitheads.

Yes indeed, a resident of Sheffield all my life, I have slowly watched as my once beloved city turned into one of the biggest crapholes I’ve ever had the ‘honour’ to be in. As a kid you could run around without a care in the world. People were friendly. If you fell in the street you’d be helped up and so on. Nowadays every shop that sells cheap bottles of cider has an infection-a group brainless scumbuckets claiming it as their own shop. You fall in the street now and they’re likely to tie you down a wait for the bus to come. The areas like Pitsmoor and the Manor, once dubbed the worst areas in Sheffield, whilst still needing drastic action, now have serious contenders for their titles. You can barely walk five minutes without being told to relinuish ownership of your phone and wallet, and that’s just the residential areas. For some reason, someone decided that on the edge of town, “well, why don’t we build a massive **** magnet called Meadowhall? Lets fill it with All Sports shops, Mcdonalds resturants and Argos shops. That’ll bring every **** in England here!”

And what does the council do? They encourage this plague! “Lets not bother getting cops out on the streets to prevent this, lets make sure every street corner has a little beer shop which doesn’t give a toss to the laws on buying alcohol or cigs. Lets not give a **** about the fact that almost every street has at least one drug dealer living on it.”

What has happened to this once proud city? Once an industrial supercity, now a major contender for ******** of the decade. Call me a revolutionary or whatever, but I’m just about fed up with this. Someone needs to take action.

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