Written by Anonymous. Posted in Wales

Well, what can you say about this place. It USED to be a mining community, and before that unspoiled farm lands… but with the discovery of coal, and then the later closing of the aforementioned coalmines the area slumped into economic decay until it has recently (within the last 10 years) recieved the status of an “objective 1 area”. Which basically means there are poorer people there than in some parts of eastern europe and s**t. OK, so doesn’t exactly sound great so far does it? Well it gets worse, add to this area of, what could be EXTREME natural beauty, the fact that approx. 99% of the population of this 200,000+ peopled valley are chav, and you start to see why it deserves a mention on here. All you can see are kevved up novas, corsas, saxos, puntos and fiestas driving up and down its streets with about 7 tracksuited up chavs in the back seat, and one ape-faced idiot with a “bumfluff” moustache hanging out the passenger side window screaming obscenities at anyone his monkey brain can summon some half-baked insult for. Add to this clans of tracksuited individuals with their 9 carot jewelry “proudly” on display hanging around on EVERY corner, intimidating the old, differently abled and just generally normal, hardworking people. What can be to blame for this alarming trend? Could it be the water supply, has it been tampered with, possibly spiked with some cheap moonshine, that you see these undereducated masses passing between eachother in luminous plastic green bottles? Could it be the inferior quality resin that they smoke effecting their brains? But surely this would stop the violent tendencies and make them more peaceful. Could it be the lack of any real skilled labour in the area? Well, there are some jobs available, and lets be honest, how skilled can a chav be? I mean, how much skill is there involved in stacking a shelf, or packing boxes? Well, I really don’t know what the cause of all this idiocy is… all i know is it needs to be stopped, so that children, like myself, who grew up in the area and wish to do things other than rob cars, mug pentioners, break and enter peoples houses and generally recieve asbos can live a life in peace, without the fear that some group of idiots who think that a tracksuit, the legs of which are tucked into their socks looks good, will come along and give you a complete kicking, just for being different! Let’s send THESE f*****s to Iraq… use them as human shields, and who cares if these f*****s die, at least it’ll be good for the crime rates!

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