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It would seem chavs have no idea they are chavs, despite the bad press they continue to try and turn old puntos etc into evos.  and evos into rockets etc.  The cheap gold, fake brands etc. WTF!?!  Chavs can be studdied via trisha and any tv show about social imorality.  However I stress please do not get them confused with your honest working class folk.

It may appear that they are trying to be black, american, east end gangter/hustler or whatever.  The fact is this is not a race or nationality thing.  They take everything they believe to be rebellious and blur them into a subcultural misunderstanding without cause, or true origin.  It may be that the macdonaldisation of identity has resulted in the expression of self through brand and slang. 

However, this is not a new phenomenon but a growing established global tradition.  The hotspots they occupy has become an increasing problem because of the changes in industry.  There is no more factories for them to labour, and their areas are now home to shopping centeres and fancy ex wharehouse luxury accomadations.  The process of Gentrification sees the hard working majority living in close proximity to the er… chavs.  Again I stress the honest working class are not the same as chavs.  The honest working class evolves and adapts to the marketplace and lays the foundations for social mobility.

Anyway, the point is that it is only in those areas where gentrification has become so established that the last chav is sent to another location to inflict his social decimation.  people of Sutton, Solihull etc pour capital into the chav spots and increase the ground price.  This will encourage landlords to increase rent thus halving their number.  However this process should be preceeded by an intricate system of purchasing the properties in their areas, leaving them no last refuge.  You may then bennefit from the increase of rent and eventually from the increase in property prices due to desirability.

This process is proven to dwindle their numbers and encourage the last few to emigrate to the nearest chavtown (kingstanding, or in the case of solihull sheldon etc.)  It is only through the improvement of their area into places they cannot possibly afford to live that they will be eliminated. 

However again I reiterate, care has to be taken not to isolate the hardworking and honest working class to whom social mobility is their right.  So hardworking men unite, you have nothing to loose but your chavs.

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