The Queensway(Pedmore, wollescote)

West Midlands

A grotty little attempt at a ‘Chav settlement’ where the same once-chavvy teenagers now spend their dole money and mix-breed with each other. the most threatening part is that they may shout ‘W****R’ or ‘U IZ GAY’ from by the shops in the Queensway, however they wont do this unless theres at least 40 of them. and even less likely to if youre over the age of 18/younger than 60.

however, occasionally brave and more than willing to speed around in some cheap s**t car that resembles something from a scrap yard(more dents than a dented dent).

Also the main attraction is the fact it has ‘fat chavs’ literally…overweight chavs. elsewhere Ive noticed chubby chavs..but never fat chavs. this place has however a handfull(too much cider and the horrid chipshop they hang out is the only explanation I can think of)

my advice if you have to pass through this dive;

Do laugh as loud as possible

Dont be intimidated, as they are all mouth, and no trousers, let alone balls.

Do ask if their child is theres, as they f**k about with each others missis more than the odd belongings in The Hill Have Eyes.

Dont go to the garage unless you have a peg or two. its a b.o factory.

My conclusion, its the average chav s*******e..whos only Unique Selling Point is the overweight chavs.

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