The Independent Free State of Bluewater

South East

“Hooded tops, baseball caps and swearing have been outlawed at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent as part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.
The retail and leisure complex is bringing in a zero-tolerance approach to intimidating conduct.” – BBC News 11/5/2005

Oh yes, it’s true; despite being found in the midst of the great “Norf Ken ‘omelanz” Bluewater has nailed its colours to the mast and is declaring war on the **** and their ***** cohorts.

Bluewater has and will always remain an oddity – a reputable and high-class shopping experience DESPITE the “Trailer Trash” and “Tornado Bait” that seems to surround it and wash up upon its shores like so much human (?) flotsam.

I will watch this social experiment with interest and perhaps we may start to see the start of a new order…..

“****’s – burning’s too good for them”

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