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Bexleyheath; the name alone suggests chav infestation. This place holds a little something for everyone. The heart of the nest would be Bexleyheath Shopping Center, where chavs make themselves at home along the benches of the precinct and the likes of ‘J.D.D Sports’ for the boys, ‘Zero Zero’ and ‘Honeybee’ for the girls. An Ann Summers has opened for the boys pleasure and entertainment to make this town the picture of class. Clinically proven as an area of chav ruling, Bexy has been named by officials ‘One of the thuggiest places in Britain’, so it’s only natural that the termites who worked for the title should only improve rate of production and further live up to it’s name.

Ciggarette butts litter the floor along with the few empty rizla packets and the odd broken bottle of Lambrini. By day, Police patrol the area searching boys in McKenzie ‘hoodies’ and Girl’s in Slouch boots. At the end near ‘Yate’s’, a pick up spot for 14 year old chavettes looking for a good time, the council have built a multi-storey multi-purpose TKMax and JD Sports. As if to attract more chav-attention. But a worthy hangout lies to the back of Asda’s, a picture of class. The ‘Half-Pipe’, between the supermarket and a graveyard, now includes numerous security guards and a ferocious looking dog to control gangs. Glass spreads over the floor in the ‘playgroud’ and many topless chavs lie on the glass, or under the halfpipe, each armed with a cigarette and half a bottle of Heineken.

The Night-Life is just as good as during the day, with blue flashing lights to light up the areas where damaged lamposts shine no longer. Outside of Burger King, MacDonalds, Cin√©world and Bus Stops become the place to be at this time. Identically dressed ‘gangs’ of 14 year olds pollute the sidewalks. Outside the Civic Centre a mass of drunken spaced-out chavs looking for a fight. Buses styled with different gang graffiti signs (to make them feel at home) provide over-priced able transport to other areas of abomination. Woolwich: official now as ‘The Roughest Area in London’ is never a night without hooded Somalians running riot, ‘Beef Carz’ inhabit the road. Chavs duck by the roads as a gang drive past, ready for a driveby shoot.

Not the only place to visit. Bexleyheath provides transport to the likes of Gravesend, Lewisham, Thamesmead and Bluewater, for chavs to get together and celebrate their exists. But not too late to break the curfews of Probation Officers. Gravesend provides night time spots like ‘Massive’, a place for 12 – 18 year olds. Even though you are searched on entry, chavs cram pills in their mouths, smoke flows out under the toilet doors and boys grab every girls ‘arse’ in the place. The ‘Medics Room’ is filled with paraletic 13 year olds who haven’t even managed to get in the door on their feet. And drunken fights are just part of the background when the place closes at 11pm, chavs filing out ready to complete their ‘all nighters’. The ones with numerous drugs on them sneak out, trying hard not to distract the ‘feds’ attentions.

In this place, even the local News Shopper has ‘Shop A Yob’, where Chavs can obtain fame and ‘reputtashunz’ by scratching the windows, burning the seats of putting out fags on the elderlys clothes. Bus Fires and Car Fire are not unheard of, and when those scary sirens drive past, a chorus of ‘RUN BOYZ, RUN BLUDZ’ deafens your ears, trampling over cigar packets, discarded fake burberry perfume packs and crushed half-empty bottle of white lightening.

Might i add that these are all experiences of mine, that i’d rather do without. Good day to you.

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