The General Shitness Of *****.

I was born in the L&D, and live in Houghton Regis just on the outskirts of Dunstable and Lucy Farm. I went to a catholic school in houtghon regis which is good, but surrounded by *****, they never used to be *****, but it seems everywhere you go there they are! In year 5 I moved to a different school in Lucy farm, it was catholic and fairly good, but you could already tell some people in my year, even though I was 10 years old would soon become ***** and I was right as I saw them recently and they looked a state. I only stayed there for 2 years as it was a primary school, still is actually. In year 7 I moved to a school in Hemel Hempstead, it’s a fairly good school and catholic yet again so I ahd been caholic schooled my whole life and I can’t say I’m the most religious person but if i was asked i would say yes I believed in the bible and God and all that. In year 7, everyone was still nervous and innocent still 11/12 years old and getting used tot eh new atmosphere. In year 8 a few strong personalities became apparent, not for the good but for the worst, rude, chavlike and not pleasant. Also some bullys and vindictive people became notcied but for a while was worshipped and treated as ‘Queen Bee’s’. they were the bullies to be. The different, unique and quiet people were picked on and pulled out because they wasn’t one of the crowd. In year 9, the groups that were pretty and popular people, the geeks and the people inbetween that got on with everybody just fizzled out and everyone got on with everyone and people became big groups, howvere the old queen bee stuck out and her old friends had deserted her because of what she had become. She now had her lyal 3 followers who still thought of her as ‘popular’. Even though she was nothing but a fat ***** **** ppl hu all look like different animals. Because she had realised earleir on in teh year that noone liked her she turned to her only hope, the people who had turned her into what she had become. the was older and she looked up to them and respected them, why I don’t know.
So the she told these so called respected year 10s that peple in our year was bullyin her and singled out the ones she saw as threats so they could bully them and make them feel small and scared. People saw her for what she really was and decided to let her get on with it. She was then left in the hot lunchtimes alone with 3 people in the form and sorry she ever did that becuase the ***** **** girls soon turned on her too. ***** are nobodys friends for long. Some people have growed up and matured but some stay the same and will get pregnant at a young age and watch their children grow up to become just like them…filthy ***** that can’t afford anything so buy cheap stuff and wear them until it;s full of holes! Why is Herts Beds And Bucks full of them! The abuse they give to others and all the smoking and drugs and things just becuase its apparently ‘hard’when it’s not becuase with all the *** they have eventually they’re all going to get aids and die…why ruin their lives like that?? It’s their path they choose no-one can stop it but themselves..let’s hope they see sense before it’s too late.

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