the end of the world

I’m sorry to say that the end is nigh for all us sociable hard working folk. The **** has achieved dominance in all our major towns and cities. We all know this to be true and maybe a national day of mourning is warranted. In the future, ***** will probably be seen as the scoundrels of their day, misunderstood, with cheeky grins on their angelic faces. ********! They may have a grin on their face, but that is when they’re twatting you in the face with a house brick and nicking your phone, wallet and shoes. I’ve seen more eligible members of society sitting in a tyre swing with a banana in its face. Is it too late to do something? you ask. I’m afraid we are doomed to the streets teeming with these knuckle dragging, gold wearing, ill educated gobshites. One solution could be to wire them to the national grid.To electrocute them? you We could harness their collective electrostatic charges to light a few towns or cities.Society could get back some of its benefit money i suppose. You may think i’m desperate or clutching at straws and you’d be right. The futures bleak, the futures ****.  

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