The Big Bad USofA

Okie dokie, so I know that this isn’t a town, but I swear to God it’s where they all originated from!! I recently moved across the pond to a lil’ town called melrose and upon going to school I have seen the mothership and it ain’t pretty!! Make-up put on with trowells, all the little girls wearing their fake/real designer jewellery (the same piece everday might I add!!) and the tight unflattering clothes which most people in the UK would wear to go out clubbing in or have dinner in! I was shocked!
So far I have heard that most of these girls (not yet 16!!) have slept with the majority of guys in their year and the year above!! It disgusts me…
Also when you really put your minds to think about it look at all the **** celebs…AMERICAN!!
the first day I showed up I was wearing casual clothes as I assumed the majority of people would be wearing at school, after all what’s the point of dressing up to learn stuff?! and when I arrived I felt so intimidated by the tiny peple wearing party clothes and Tiffanys necklaces!
They all know everyone else because it’s one of those places where they have all lived here their entire lives and no one new has moved in EVER! I swear to god they are all ******!
Now, the nicer of this bunch have told me that people are still able to get drink as required even though the legal drinking age over here is 21!!Although they arent as violent as enlgish *****, at least I havent discovered their violent sides yet, they do seem to act as though i am invisible and they are very loud and obnoxious and of course they see themselves as above everybody else…true American *****

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