The 1 and only Blackpool….

LancashireNorth West

Blackpool(**** hole of the world)

I was in shock to find that Blackpool was not on here..
Having lived and worked here for the last 20yrs you could say iv’e seen some changes to this once ‘nice’ popular spot for families from everywhere.
Over the yrs it just gets worse and worse, no jobs for anyone, no positive benificial regeneration, no one gives a **** anymore about the place.
Not only do we have to deal with our own local ***** n ********* & our fair share of stinking tramps n *******, we have to deal with the **** from all over the place.
Firstly ‘our own’ walk around the town all day stealing, harassing & generally show themselves to be proper ******* who think wearing a big fake gold chain, tracksuit bottoms 2 sizes too small, t-shirts from the reduced twice basket outside the shop is cool!!(****** *******)
Most of the local ***** & ********* are ******, window licking bed wetter,s from Grange Park & Mereside council estates & I swear the police helicopter hovers over both these decrepid areas as a ritual.
So lately (over the last 10yrs) there has been an invasion of Africans, Polish, various Arabic and Asian people, who i must admit have enhanced Blackpool into being a more diverse and multi cultural place to live, which is fine as long as you leave your **** where you came from. Don’t bring anymore chavness to this **** hole of a place cos we can no longer cope with it. The African men have no style what so ever, They strut their stuff around the local nite clubs thinking the women fancy them, when they are being laughed at by them(such *******)Bandanas are out, Paisley shirts, red trousers, yellow sox & knackered trainers don’t quite cut it on the street or in a club bro! Polish guys try to fight everyone, they too have no sense of putting the right outfit together, even if its cheap, cost cutter, Matalan, Aldi ****, barging everyone one in the clubs (what **** holes they are) Don’t get me started on the robbing, spit & piss in your late nite food Arabs & Asians. They go around in gangs touching all the girls, I can’t understand why they get let into the clubs (Sanuk & the Syndicate)they make me sick.
Weekend nites when all the above gets together its bedlam, then you add the English, Scotish, Irish and those Welsh ******* in the mix AAAAARRRR!!!
I don’t usually have alot to say about those puffed up day glow wearing, think I’m hard, thicko, cant read or write doorman, but they do have their work cut out with all the **** that comes here from your town or country.
Don’t come here, don’t bring your family here, don’t save your hard earned cash to holiday here cos all you gonna get is, robbed, hassled, spat at, your wife will get felt up, your teenage daughter will get that pedo look from the worst pieces of **** to walk the earth, the best thing about BLACKPOOL is the M55 out!! Oh and 1 more thing, even the town council takes the piss! You never see a councillor living on a council estate!!
Think on!! And if you recognise any of the above to be you, tough ****, sort your self out before you come here you ******* ******** **** you.

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