Thanet, Kent (Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs)

KentSouth East

I seriously cannot believe no one has submitted Ramsgate, Margate or Broadstairs yet. I’m sure the first ever c**v stemmed from ‘Planet Thanet’.

Ever since I can remember, the town centres have been plauged by c***s ‘loining’ in the high street, smoking fags and letting all the other c***s and chavettes stroke their Staff Terrier.

They ‘loin’ outside McDonalds mostly, or the many pubs (of which, some have signs reading ‘No Caps or Chewing Gum’). They appear to triple in nnumbers when it comes to market day – hoping to get some cheap Burberry or fake Gold – although they will tell everyone how it is real – they paid ‘bare dollarz for it, innit’.

Those who drive also have the chance to drive up to one of the many multi-storey car parks/McDonalds DriveThru/Matalan car park and blare out their stereos from either their own, or their mums car.

The sheer amount of white socks on display at such events is mind boggling.

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