Terrington St Clements – the mutant village

East Anglia

Well, to start off, Terrington St Clements is probably the one place you do not want to go to.. as well as ***** everywhere you look, there are mutants with three eyes and seven legs!
if you do not know where terrington is, it is just near the heart of the norfolk ****-land – KINGS LYNN. for many years now terrington has been described as the one place you do not want to go to, and hopefully this mesage will get to people, warning them NOT TO GO!!!
the ***** usually hang about by the sports field wielding their fake burberry caps and ‘phat *******’ hoodies over the top. all the people from terrington seem to be friendly but they are skilled actors using their friendliness as a disguise to cover up their **** mutations. so if you do not want to become a mutant, do NOT visit Terrington St. Clements!!

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