Telford Trash

ShropshireWest Midlands

Another mention, but when it comes to Telford, it sticks to your shoes like dogshit, and just as hard to get off. The smell lingers too.
In my last Telford epic, I forgot to mention the C***s that actually work for a living, though of course they don’t pay rent,mortgage,council tax, and bills in general like the rest of us. Their wages get spent on bling,(and more bling),cheap booze, fags,speed and lard.
These C***s work in factories in places like Halesfield – one of the many industrial parks in and around Telford. You will find many a C**v/C******e working at Plastic Omnium,PolyLina, and Magna Foods, (who manufacture very grim chocolate products which, on reflection, probably contain at least 90% lard). These C**v, “workers” can be seen hollering obscenities at their fellow workers, and doing the same when catching their various buses back to Chavdom in the many infected areas of Telford. Chavettes still wear as much bling as they can get away with from their employers, and sporting the usual attire, with half a ton of rancid make-up they bought cheap from Spencers Arcade.
It’s bad. Well bad. What would Carol Decker make of Telford these days, I wonder!? (Telford’s only claim to fame from the 1980’s was that T’Pau’s Carol Decker originally hailed from Telford…or was it Wellington,just a couple of miles from ChavTown?!).

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