TELFORD this town turned me **** god did i fight it but had to succumb eventualy

this town turned me ****! well wat can i say about it, the fact is everything already stated on this site is so true you have to experience it to believe the accuracy. but what truly seperates it from **** meccas like croydon salford birkenhead,etc is the total feeling of depression and bordem and isolation from anything remotely interesting in telford the nearest big city is 28 miles away (brum) and thats a **** pit in itself (lived there for 2 years kingstanding for that matter (very ****)). the nearest beach is 90 miles away (barmouth complete dive and telfordite ********) Telford has nice country side but why the **** would a **** care about that. the fact is out of all the 26 areas in telford i can hand on heart say they are all **** ******** with the likes of Woodside, Brookside,Wellington,Arleston,Ketley,Dawley,overdale,sutton hill, hadley,donnington trench,oackengates, being 100% **** no lie.

My story
I moved to Newport wen iwas 11 a well to do market town full of ***** but only 4 miles away from the edge of telford in order to score weed or any drugs a 7 minute car journey to donnington(1 of many **** estates) which lies on the North east corner of telford was in order at first i was shocked at the slum like nature of this rural part of the country and the prescence of teenage gangs who would attempt to tax the “trainers” off your feet. but over the years of track suits,nike airtrainers and hardcore rave music, nicked car stereos that “tehlfwurd” accent in my face every day i found myself zipping my nike jacket to the top wheel spinning my car for fun flickin my gold chain out and havin it hangin over the external of my chest expressing the phrases “innit” and “no way man” “shithot” etc. actually considering spending £50 on designer shirts wen surronded by **** inthe towncentre the list goes on. i tried to escape to brum but moved back after 2 years wen i run out of money. but i didnt see the signs till it was too late after living on woodside, malinslee, wellington and now st georges the transformation is complete. from my first spliff till i bought a nova GTE wen i was 19 i didn’t see it coming it was just the norm round here, i take my hat (fake burberry) off to the strong minded idividuals who have resisted the chavness round these parts.
PS its true that telford has the highest rate of teenage pregnaceys outside inner city areas in europe FACT.

so any ***** out there who enjoy arguing with neighbours being in the drugs circle(ie everyone in telford) gettin pissed on the street, mouthing off at people for no reason, gettin repect from bein ard speeding around with **** cars, dumping any house hold waste in your garden. queing for half an hour at makideez then threatening the staff wen you get told its a 4 minute wait for a big mac religousley paying for sports wear thats either in a shop or been nicked off a washin line endless supply of nicked coffee from smakheads (loads of smakheads also) and shaggin loads of scrutty telford street ****, in return for 2’s on a lambert and butler. and an endless supply of £5 an hour agency factory work then telford is a must destination of course you will label it as **** (***** favourite descriptive word) but you will feel well at home.

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