ShropshireWest Midlands

I have lived in a village near Telford for 21 years and to my horror when I was driving through the village last week i noticed a group of chavs had arrived and were hanging around doing f**k all dressed in their usual attire that I am familiar with from the hole that is telford town centre, I was tempted to reverse back home and retrive my baseball bat to show them how I felt, not sure how they came across our rural village but I will be damned if they breed and take over like they are doing everywhere else.

Other Joints in Telford where chavs can be found are shawbirch outside the spar, wellington which is is a retarded town – go there if you want to feel good about yourself. Donnington is another favourite of mine full of chavs sucking everylast penny out of the benefit system. And of course the famous Telford Town centre, which on busy days is full of the little s***s, especially round mcdonalds and near the entrance to the bus station cause unless they drive some tacky nova with everything but the kitchen sink strapped on they use the bus. Telford is by far the worst town i have ever visitied for chavs.

I have one bit of advice for everyone reading this, if you can beat them make the most of them – laugh at them, make them feel small, and for gods sake never let them get the upper hand, otherwise the country will be taken over by them.

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